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About the Owner

Baseball, as in life, is all about making adjustments. Karl Carswell a Major League Baseball Scout in the Midwest has developed The Damage Hitter program around that truth. His personal and professional experience from all levels of youth baseball, professional baseball, and MLB scouting has allowed him the foresight to develop a program based on well rounded life skills approach that not only helps player reach their potential as hitter, but emphasizes them reaching their potential in life.

Damage Hitter does not stop there. The priority of Damage Hitter is to develop the player, the coach, and the parent into a wholistic community based on strong mental health through knowledge, caring, and encouragement. Combining the best baseball hitting techniques, mechanics, body motion, and fitness available today with life skills for all aspects of people involved in the game we love.

About This Site

Damage Hitter Online Training

Plain and simple Damage Hitter Online Training program offers you 3 simple but needed tools.

1) Visual access to one of the best and most comprehensive drill libraries in the world.
2) Access to Damage Hitter and Karl Carswell one of the best instructors of hitting in the world.
3) A weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plan for your hitter to follow and develop.

  • Lifetime membership to Damage Hitter Video Library ALL 70+ Hitting Drills Videos and more. Being added to regularly
  • 4 months of at least weakly video observation, evaluation, critic and analysis
  • 4 months of weekly Damage Hitter drill progression programs that will build your swing and change your ability to hit.


How dow it work?  You may apply by clicking here for the opportunity to work with Karl

1) You purchase. Instant access to our Damage Hitter Membership videos
2) You're directed where to send your video, age, and email address.
3) Wait for your video observation, critic, and drill progression.
4) Get to work for a month and send your next video on the day requested. 

Remember your order is backed by a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with your order, simply contact us and request a refund.

P.S. Just seconds after your order is complete you'll be given instant online access to your course material. No waiting. No approval required. If you're ready to sign up, click here for instant access.